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About Us:

Welcome to the slaughter! We are RumPunch Productions, a London based film collective that makes the sort of films other British filmmakers cannot and will not make.

We aim to bring you the finest underground horror to emerge from the UK, producing projects that have independent charm with commercial appeal.

Story so far:

Last year we released our first film titled 'Young, High and Dead' and it's growing a a bit of a cult following, with a solid British cast this low budget film is gritty, raw and has more heart and soul than your average slasher film.

Up next:

Since the release of YHAD we have been working hard to bring our next project to life 'The Highridge Massacre'! More blood, more gore and more carnage.

But our goals stretch far beyond just making bigger and better films. RumPunch is very much about collaboration, education and mutilation! We aim to bring creative and like minded individuals together to help realise their passion and potential as an artist and or filmmaker. From the highly skilled through to the novice with desire, if you love filmmaking, horror films or you just need a platform to showcase your work then get in touch.

Luke 'Slasher' Brady


Co Founder of Rum Punch Productions